Zen Smokeless Moxa Rolls (Rose) Pack

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Zen Smokeless Moxa Rolls (Rose) Pack

The new Zen smokeless moxa rolls with rose scent, that is made in a special process. It's moxa stick is made of with mugwort charcoal instead of a wood charcoal. As you burning the moxa stick, it diffuses pleasure scent to help calmness and relaxation. Mugwort charcoal contains more pure herbs, which ensures more effectively healing power on points or areas of body.

Ingredients: Notopterygium incisum, Mugwort, Mugwort charcoal Angelica, Asarum, Rose essential oil

  • 6 boxes per pack
  • 5 rolls per box
  • size of each roll: 14x110mm

For more information about moxa? please consult our blog  

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