Yoga Beginner Pack

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Yoga Beginner Pack

Everything you need to get started on your yoga or Pilates practice, or to update your equipment! Our beginner pack includes two sturdy yoga blocks, a versatile exercise strap, comfy anti-slip socks, and a reliable yoga mat.

1x Yoga Mat

 This high-quality non-slip mat will provide you with all the grip, cushioning and support you need for a safe practice. It will support your body, maintain correct alignment and hold postures firmly. Very light and portable, it comes with a bag so that you could bring the mat with you to everywhere you want to, whether it’s at a studio, in your backyard, or on a mountain summit!

2xYoga Block

A useful tool both for beginners and diehard yoga fans, the sturdy yet comfortable EVA yoga black can be used in almost any setting, whether it’s at home, at a studio, on vacation, on hikes and even on road trips! Beveled edges provide extra comfort and support during practice. You can work on so many more yoga poses with our foam EVA yoga block!

Its non-stick surface provides great grip, and it can be placed under your feet, hands, waist and any other muscle groups to help you achieve better, stronger balance.

1xAnti-slip Socks

These colourful, cute socks have anti-slip bumps that will allow you to safely practice yoga poses and other exercises – even on hardwood floors! A great alternative and complement to yoga mats, they’ll make your motions feel fluid and unrestrained.

1xExercise Strap

 Our fitness strap can help you maintain difficult poses, and help you train – whether you’re an athlete, a beginner, or a bit of both.

This durable, versatile fitness band is perfect for yoga, Pilates, dance, strength, and different kinds of exercise. It is an ideal accessory for full body training; allowing you to focus on different body parts and helping you maintain difficult poses.

With its adjustable length, the strap will help you work on your flexibility, balance and strength, and it can be tied around your shoulders, legs, arms in any number of positions. Its heavy duty D shaped buckle spares you from even having to worry about the strap slipping out of place.

*The products’ colours are chosen at random. If you have special requirements or preferences for the products’ colours, please leave a comment in the STEP 4 Delivery information when you check out. 

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