Yifang Plastic Cupping Set (14)

  • Yifang Plastic Cupping Set (14)
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  • The Yifang Suction Cups kit contains 14 unbreakable cups of various sizes.
  • These cups are designed to replicate the exact shape of the traditional glass cups used for fire cupping treatments, and their thick edge maintains smooth and comfortable when applying running cupping 

  • Made of new plastic materials offer you durable and unbreakable cups
  • Cups with a removable magnetic needle which apply pressure without piercing skin
  • This kit includes:  
  • 6 cm (outer) 4,5 cm (inner) X 6 cups
  • 5 cm (outer) 3,5 cm (inner) X 3 cups
  • 4 cm (outer) 2,5 cm (inner) X 3 cups
  • 3 cm (outer) 2,0 cm (inner) X 2 cups
  • Extension tube X 1 pc
  • Suction pump X 1 pc
  • Spanner X 1pc
  • Ratchet X 1pc
  • A spanner and a ratchet offered for removing magnetic needles when cleaning and sterilizing cups. When you use the spanner and ratchet to remove magnetic needles from cups please keep spring inside the plastic tube safely.

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