Wuyi Rock Tea


Wuyi Rock Tea

Wuyi Rock Tea is also made from the province of Fujian and another tea in the category of fermented Oolong tea, and is famous for the reduction of effects of cholesterol, strengthens the bones, and protects from several danger in health. Also known in the name of Bohea or Yancha. Similarly, to the other teas, it has its own tons of benefits that you cannot avoid.

  • Aid in weight loss: this one can help you burn fat faster, and this specific combination is to help for better result, and a good diet control.

  • Protects against cancer: it has been shown the effects of this tea to prevent certain cancer from forming.

  • Detox your body and toxins: it brings the overall cleansing to your body, and diet control.

  • Strengthen the bones: Teeth, and bones, muscles, will not be easily broken.

  • 10g

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