Wooden foot roller massager

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Wooden foot roller massager

This foot roller massager is used to activate trigger points as a part of reflexology treatment. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are countless reflexology points in your feet. Massaging these reflexology points can help energize and soothe your feet as well as create overall relaxation. This product is a very unique abacus style tool. Each of the 40 rollers has a soft rubber spiked ring, which helps massage, stimulate, and soothe.

Product features

  • This foot roller massager contains ten wooden roller bars that are great for foot stress relief or just relaxation.

  • This foot roller massager applies to pressure at all the relevant points of your foot penetrating the stiff and tired muscles and relaxes them.

  • It is designed based on the principle of reflexology.

  • Large enough for both feet and can be easily stored under a desk, chair or couch for quick access.

  • Use it when you are working at your desk, watching TV or just relaxing.

Product functions:

The internal organs of the human body are connected to the body through meridians, so are our feet. Problems of the internal organs, then, are reflected on our feet and this foot roller massager can therefore be used to stimulate the acupuncture points on the feet to relieves tension as well as treat various conditions that occur in the body.


Color: blue

Weight: 730g

Perfect as a gift!

Size: 27.5x21.5x7 (cm)

Format: 10 bars, 40 rings


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