Wood Grain Vase Diffuser

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Wood Grain Vase Diffuser

This beautiful diffuser is an excellent option for aromatherapy enthusiasts who enjoy the rustic, wooden look. Made from plastic, it is perfectly safe, and consumes very little power. It can mist for up to 6 or 7 hours, and diffuses at intervals: it is continuous for three minutes, then stops for one minute, to prevent overheating. Diffusion will moreover stop automatically when water runs out. This model is easy to clean, portable and quiet.

Available in dark and light wood grain colour.


  • Purifies air
  • Creates a romantic atmosphere
  • Gets rid of second hand smoke or unwanted smells
  • Keeps mosquitoes away
  • Enhances sleep and relaxation
  • Can relieve cold symptoms



  • Diffusion Method: Cooling steam with ultrasonic technology
  • Automatic shuts off when water level is lower
  • Capacity of atomization: 20-30ml/h
  • Tank capacity: 160ml
  • Noise level: <35db
  • Coverage Area: 18-30 m2
  • Dimensions5.53" x 5.53" x 7.9"



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