White Tea (An Ji Tea)

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  • White Tea also known as An Ji Tea
  • Reduce stress: Amino acids reduces stress, and helps to suppress cortisol.
  • Improve brain functioning: it protects your brain cells, and make yourself a deeper thinker
  • Relaxing and soothing: when consumed you will feel calm and relaxed.
  • Improves your physical performance: this tea is also a good fat burning, and will help you perform physical activities like before.
  • Flexible and good stamina.
  • 10g
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An Ji white tea is in the category of green tea, although we call it white tea. This is named because of its particular type of tea tree, and the leaves turns white during springtime. This particular tea is found in the province of Zhejiang. With its beautiful, lingering aroma, and splendid taste; woodsy, subtle and slight sweet. You may have heard it under the name of White Jade Phoenix Tea, Yu Feng Cha or An Ji Bai Cha, it is incredibly known because its rich in amino acids.