Simple, effective and pure cleansing tool, that will help you feel a whole new experience. It is made of 100% natural Konjac Korean Plant root, and it is eco-friendly.

Soft as it is, it will clean your face, and leave a fresh, glowing and silky smooth face. Ideal for cleansing, detoxifying and eliminating dead skin cells while balancing the skin's PH. With different shapes Konjac Sponge, depending the concerns or imperfections that you want to tackle.

Soak the sponge in warm water for 5-15 minutes until it is fully softened.

Squeeze the excess of water.

Start with your favorite cleanser or without, just a little amount, because it is going to foam really fast.

Rub it in your face, gently, in a circular motion, towards up.

Rinse with water.

Gently squeeze out the excess moisturizer with both palms.

Hang the sponge in a well-ventilated space to air dry properly to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria.

Replace your konjac sponge every month.

- 100% natural vegetable fibre

- Gentle for all types of skin

- Suitable for sensitive skin

- 100% biodegradable

- Non-chemicals

- Environment-friendly

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