What is the Booster X 2 Massage Gun?

The Booster X 2 Massage gun is a massage tool used to treat sore and tired deep tissue muscles after a long and intensive workout at the gym. Feel like your youngest self!

The Booster X2 Massage Gun is a lightweight and portable therapy device, designed for deep muscle massage and allows for muscle pain relief and recovery. It features a shock absorber with a silent brushless motor which gives you a comfortable experience. The device comes equipped with 5 speed and strength variations for the appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle cramps.

The Booster X2 Massage Gun also offers 4 interchangeable head
attachments for which are customized for different areas of the body: spinal area, full body or pain point massage. Moreover its rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows continuous usage for up to 1 week.

How it works

The Booster X 2 uses a specific method called: Percussion therapy. It reaches and treats deep muscles tissue in a more aggressive way than other forms of rehabilitation. The goal of percussion therapy is to speed the healing and recovery process of a cramped muscle, trauma or an injury.

When Should I Use the Booster X 2 Massage Gun? 

The booster can be used for Shin Splints, Muscle Spasms & Cramps, Muscle soreness. It is also helpful to use the Booster in conjunction with physical therapy if you experienced an injury or trauma. It’s also great for those who have 9-5 desk jobs. Because you’re sitting down most of the day, your muscles can ache and become more stiff than usual. The booster helps eliminate all of these problems through a simple therapeutic technique. 

What Makes the Booster X 2 Massage Gun Special?

The Booster Pro 2 differentiates itself from the rest of the massage guns and tools on the market because of its range of speed and new noise reduction technology. That means a quiet and quality massage right in the comfort of your home.

6 key benefits to using the Booster X 2 Massage Gun