Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Wood Grain

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Wood Grain

  • Ultrasonic aroma diffuser wood grain 4 in 1 function: air humidifier, ultrasonic aroma diffuser,  7 colors night-light and air purifier

  • Unique Design: Classic Wood grain Finish, recommended to use only organic essential oil (no chemical ingredients, no flavor or fragrance added), to not damage the structure

  • Timer Setting and Mist Control: 1H/3H/6H/Continuous modes. Press mist button for 2 seconds (1 second for strong mist, 2 seconds for weak mist)

  • Can work up to 12 hours; 8 hours in strong mist, 12 hours weak mist

  • This aroma ultrasonic diffuser can cover 20-30 square meters

  • 7 Soothing Led Light: Press the Light button, holding 3 seconds to stop at the light you want. Each color has two light; dim and bright.

  • No noise: This diffuser is extremely quiet, it will give you a soothing experience.

  • Can hold a large capacity of water: can hold up to 400 ml of water, and produce up to 30 ml of moisture per hour.

  • High Quality: Material (PP/ABS/PC), and low power supply, automatic power-off when water is used up, and it is 100% safe of usage.

  • Very easy to clean and use.

  • Dimensions: 168.5 x 215 mm, weight: 468 g

This Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser uses Ultrasonic principle which can atomize the water and essential oil in the water tank, and produces a cold, humic and fragrant mist. It is for people who loves wooden look and the modern feeling of a diffuser. It will give you an ultra fine and smooth aromatherapy mist, and it will make sure to give you a fine aired space.

This diffuser is great for:

  • Purify the air

  • Create a romantic, fun and relaxing ambiance

  • Get rid of second hand smoke and unwanted smells

  • Gives you a good night sleep and relaxation

  • Relieve cold symptoms

  • Keeps mosquitoes away


  • Diffuser

  • AC power adapter

  • Measuring Cup

  • A manual

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