Travel Packing Cubes

Travel Packing Cubes

  • All your travel essentials in one convenient place!

  • Features rainproof material, zipper closures, and compact sizing for personalised use.

  • Made of high density nylon fabric, water drop resistant and rainproof. Your accessories will never get wet when traveling in the rain. 

  • The set comes with 6 packaging pieces: 

  1. Large Packing Cube: This is the travel must have. Keep shirts tidy and crisp. Packs T-shirts all kind of tops and large clothes needed for travel. 

  2. Medium Packing Cube: For smaller pieces of clothing that need to stay in place. Pack pajamas, shorts, or kids clothing in this unit.    

  3. Small Packaging Cell: Don’t make a mess in your luggage, keep all your small articles in one place, well organized and sorted. Pack socks, underwear, bathing suits and more. 

  4. Flat Packaging Bag: Keep things you don't want everyone to see in this sleek flat pouch. Fits in between all your other items in your luggage. 

  5. Footwear Bag: Fits your basic shoe. Maybe you do not want to dirty the rest of your clothes, well this is the best unit to for that. 

  6. Drawstring Bag: Another organiser unit, for all the little things you don't want lying around in your bag. 

  • Perfect for organizing your travel. Make your journey comfortable and wonderful.    


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