Thumbsaver medium

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Thumbsaver medium

Protect your fingers!


The Thumbsaver is a simple, extremely effective tool that protects hand joints and muscles while administering massages. A solid yet flexible plastic shell protects your fingers and allows you press deeply into the tissue of tensed areas. The Thumbsaver adapts automatically to the shape of whatever finger it’s on, making it easy to switch during a massage depending on what finger is needed.

Try this amazing new innovation, and you’ll see how it can transform your practice forever!

Available in 3 Sizes: Small, Medium* and Large.

*The medium Thumbsaver does not have the raised lip at the opening that appears in the small and large sizes. Also, the vent holes are slightly smaller and further back to provide structural support.


  • Medium White: From 3/4 to 7/8 "
  • Large Blue: From 7/8 to 1 1/8 "
  • Small Red: Up to 3/4 "

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