Therapeutic Magnets with Adhesives 11 mm

Therapeutic Magnets with Adhesives 11 mm

Magnets are often used to help repair some injury or damage on your body. Some research found that magnets will increase the production of amino acids and will positively affect your entire body. Magnets essentially fasten your metabolism and help your body to function in a proper manner, so when it comes to injuries, magnets will heal and repair the wound.

It contains:

  • Medimag Titanium box contains 12 magnets made of neodymian of 12200 Gauss of 11 mm of diameters
  • 10 transparent polyurethane adhesives
  • 20 non-woven white breathable adhesives (hold well in the shower)
  • a note for guidance.


  • Choose the right and best magnetotherapy: It has the best quality fabrics, made from French Manufacturer, from a bio-technology company created by a physicist and a naturopath.  
  • This box is very economical and efficient because the magnets are reusable for a long time. They are also very durable and can treat many problems.
  • A titanium coating is present to prevent the risk of allergies and the edges are rounded to not leave marks on the skin.
  • You can apply one or more magnets on any place or painful area of ​​your body. Adhesives are hypoallergenic.

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