Therapeutic Laser Workshop

  • Therapeutic Laser Workshop
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  • Therapeutic Laser Workshop
  • November 6: ONLY for acupuncturist at 18:30
  • November 13: Open to all professionals at 18:30
  • This event is totally free, however, you must pay 10$ in advance to save your spot! And we will be refunding that 10$ if you attend the event! 
  • Location: 2190 Boulevard Le Corbusier


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Share is organizing a very first event on the use of therapeutic laser in acupuncture. This new technology achieves comparable or superior results in the practice of acupuncture. Laser acupuncture or laser therapy in acupuncture is a new application of the principles of Chinese Medicine that has already demonstrated its effectiveness. It is seen on the international scene as a practice of the future for acupuncture. It is now established with certainty that the laser beam can replace the needle in stimulating acupuncture points and other areas of the body.

This event is for you to recognize the different ways to use the Lazer Therapy Equipments, and to know more about how they work, and how you can implement into your day to day treatments. 

What will you benefit from this event? 

  • Knowledge about the most recent technology 

  • Advance treatment, and more effective skills 

  • Learn how the equipements work

  • Become a better knowledge acupuncturists 

  • New tools to use on your patients