Thera Crystals™ Rose Quartz Gua sha (Wing shape)

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  • Thera Crystals™ Rose Quartz Gua sha (Wing shape) contains a lot of beneficial minerals to your skin and body health
  • The Wing Shape has different curves, this is why you can reach in different areas needed
  • Not only used for Gua Sha therapy, but also a perfect small handheld massager for deep tissue or trigger point. 
  • Made uniquely, so they may differ as well as the color
  • Is ultra nice touch feeling that will not harm your skin even if you are sensitive skin
  • 9 cm long, 5 cm wide
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Gua Sha is an natural and alternative therapy that is basically used for scraping your skin with this massage tool to improve your blood circulation. It is commonly used for deep tissue massage as well. 

Gua Sha can effectively relieve muscle tension, muscle pain, cough, nausea, migraine, and many more reason. 

A bit more about the wing shape, it has different points that could be used. The point side (at the top) is normally used on your jawline, to quickly shape that satisfactory line, however if you want better result to really shape your jawline, look at the Heart Shape or Tooth Shape! The wavy side, you can use it areas such as your forehead, cheekbones and under eyes. And the curvy sides are more for your neck areas, also great for your cheeks and forehead. The Wing shape is among the most popular for diversity of usage, can be used anywhere on the face. Great tool for massage therapists as well, the patient will have a very good relaxing time!