Thera Crystals™ Amethyst Facial Roller

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  • Thera Crystals™ Amethyst Facial Roller can be used to enhance the overall health of the face.
  • Double Sided: Larger for the face, smaller for the under-eye
  • Amethyst face roller will enhance the absorption with beauty oils or your favorite cream
  • Boost blood circulation, de-puff, minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and detox your skin 
  • Soothing, cooling effect, helps to minimize the appearance of pores 
  • Calms inflammation, irritation and redness


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Amethyst is known to open the third eye, increasing clarity and intuition. The Thera Crystals™ Amethyst Facial Roller therfore is perfect for those looking to better their face’s slef-healing properties. Gemstone facial rollers are becoming trendy today, they are now skincare tools.

The Thera Crystals™ Amethyst Facial Rollers are double sided, where one is bigger side for your face, and the smaller size end, for your under eyes. By using your favorite cream, you can use the rollers to help the absorption in your skin. Facial rollers claim to boost blood circulation, reduce under-eye puffiness, minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and a better absorption of products into your skin. Crystals facial rollers have a soothing, cooling effect for your skin, and will calm inflammation, irritation and redness, as well as detoxifying your skin. As they have a cooling effect, they will help minimize pores.

Amethyst the helper of the third eye, could be a very special tool in our skincare practice. It helps to release stress and enhances our memory. It helps with anxiety, reduce fear, raises hope, and control over negative energy. As it this crystal transmutes the energy of the old into new and with its violet color calls to the vision of our lives and world, making us better critical thinkers. This is why amethyst is used in healing, for the alignment of the third eye.