Must Have Gift Set

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Must Have Gift Set

The Must Have gift set contains a 50 ml lavender hand cream, a antibacterial gel 60 ml and a 10 ml lip balm.

This hand cream contains lavender essential oil and deeply hydrates dry hands, knees and elbows. The ultra-moisturising cream softens the skin and restores its elasticity. The lavender hand cream is made from essential oils of lavender, olive oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil and butter shea.

The healing, nourishing qualities of this lavender lip balm will protect your lips from chafing and dryness caused by the harsh effects of wind, cold and sun. This practical, pocket size lip balm is an essential (and discreet) companion when exposing your skin to the elements.

An effective protection against bacteria and microbes, this gel combines moisturizing properties with a potent blend of lavender essential oil and alcohol. Vitamin E soothes leaving the skin feeling soft, refreshed and with a subtle scent of lavender.

The Must Have gift set’s total value is of $ 23.50.

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