The revolutionary WiTouch Pro is a fantastic TENS unit that can provide long-lasting, powerful relief from back pain. This wireless device can be placed directly on your back, comfortably hugging the contours of your body. Its adjustable vibrations range from subtle to powerful, ensuring that you can get the degree of relief that you need whenever you want. 


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WiTouch Gel Pads 5 pairs 2 - 3 Days

WiTouch Gel Pads 5 pairs

WiTouch Gel Pads 5 pairsWiTouch gel pads adhere the WiTouch Pro to the skin and provide a dispersive medium between a patient’s skin and the electronic stimulation of the devices’ built-in electro..


WiTouch Pro

Witouch Pro device is the first wireless remote controlled pain relief device. It is incorporating TENS technology to specifically target back pain. The thin and flexible design perfectly contours the..