Lierre offers a selection of carefully crafted, therapeutic and aromatic teas. You’ll fall in love with some of our new twists on our classics, like our creamy Earl Grey and our divinely spiced chocolate chai! We also stock gorgeous pearl teas: these delicate balls of tea slowly unfurl and bloom in hot water, looking for all the world like spring flowers.  Our range of locally produced herbal teas are also perfect to help you unwind after a long day, or to fall asleep when you’re feeling tense, and our aged pu-erh will delight tea enthusiasts. 


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Green Tea (Longjing Tea) New

Green Tea (Longjing Tea)

Longjing Tea is a high quality, in the category of green tea in China. The smell and taste of longjing is so rich, and well differentiated than the other green tea. You may have heard this tea under t..


Sri Lanka Black Tea New

Sri Lanka Black Tea

Sri Lanka FBOP (Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe) is in the family of the black tea. It is a mid-grown tea, strong and rich that contains a lot of great benefits. You may have heard its name to be Ceylon T..


Tie Guanyin Tea New

Tie Guanyin Tea

Tie Guanyin tea is a premium category coming from the Chinese oolong tea, started back in the 19th century, in the province of Fujian. You may have heard it under the name of Iron Goddess of Mercy, Ir..


White Tea (An Ji Tea) New

White Tea (An Ji Tea)

An Ji white tea is in the category of green tea, although we call it white tea. This is named because of its particular type of tea tree, and the leaves turns white during springtime. This particular ..


Wuyi Rock Tea New

Wuyi Rock Tea

Wuyi Rock Tea is also made from the province of Fujian and another tea in the category of fermented Oolong tea, and is famous for the reduction of effects of cholesterol, strengthens the bones, and pr..