TDP Lamp Head Replacement

  • TDP Lamp Head Replacement
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  • TDP Lamp Head Replacement for the CQ-27, CQ-29, CQ-32 and CQ-36 models.
  • TDP lamps have around 1000 working hours. After this period, the minerals in their plate become increasingly ineffective, and TDP lamp heads should be replaced.
  • Some old model TDP Lamps are not equipped with replaceable head, in which case you will have to buy a new TDP Lamp after its working hours are over. 
  • Customers are always encouraged to call us to confirm that their TDP Lamps have a replaceable head, and to verify that we do carry the lamp head model that they require.
  • TDP Lamp head CQ27: diameter 4.75", CQ29/36: 6.75”
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