TDP Lamp CQ-36

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  • TDP lamp CQ-36’s plate and head are larger in this model than in the CQ-27, and it has a digital rather than mechanical timer, unlike the CQ-29.
  • Head and plate are larger in diameter (Head size: 6.75)
  • Replaceable TDP lamp head
  • Plastic stand base, rolls smoothly on 5 casters
  • TDP mineral plate contains the special mineral formulation
  • Digital control and timer
  • Swing Arm System lifting limits is greater than 300mm.
  • Easily adjust to any position.
  • 6 month limited warranty
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TDP lamps are an extremely popular medical device in China, and they’re quickly developing a devoted following across North America. A plate with a special combination of minerals is heated by infrared light, and produces therapeutic rays that increase microcirculation. They’re a clinical alternative and substitute to moxibustion, and replenish Qi in the body. Lierre’s TDP lamps have replaceable heads, which means that you won’t have to throw away the whole lamp if it stops working after a few years.