Tangier Lemon Peony 50g

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Tangier Lemon Peony 50g

Though it might seem counterintuitive to name a white tea produced in the Tai Mu Mountain of China after a northern Morrocan city, this tea’s exquisite aroma of lemon will transport you to this gorgeous, culturally rich seaside region.  This tea is made from white peonies and lemon, giving it floral notes. With a relatively low caffeine and high antioxidant content, this tea will perk you up without overpowering you with caffeine, and you will reap the health benefits!

 White peony mix with lemon flavor.

Region: Tai Mu Mountain, Fu Jian province, China


Recommended brewing instruction: 2-3 grams for 100ml of water at 70°C-80°C; infusing 5minutes, renewal for 3 infusions.

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