Table Sheet Cotton Jersey

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Table Sheet Cotton Jersey

Tired of fussing about your massage table sheets? Our set of cotton jersey massage table sheets saves you from having to worry about most of the common issues practitioners have with their table sheets!

More tightly woven than flannel, jersey tends to last twice as long: this fabric is designed to avoid runs and pills. This set is comfortable and soft, while still breathable. Customers with sensitive skin will especially appreciate these sheets’ natural, 100% cotton composition, which is far less likely to irritate the skin than synthetic fibres and blends. Versatile and adaptable, jersey sheets have a lot in common with your favourite shirts: they will keep you warm in the winter, but they won’t make you sweat in the summer.

Our cotton jersey massages table sheets:


  • don’t pill
  • don’t run
  • have good elasticity
  • are good for sensitive skin
  • last twice as long as flannel sheets
  • are comfortable and soft
  • are breathable
  • are machine washable
  • are made of 100% cotton
  • can be draped over any massage table: 60"x 96" (154cm x 246cm)


Fabric Composition100% Cotton Jersey

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