SpringLite Portable Massage Table

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SpringLite Portable Massage Table

This aluminium massage table is quite simply the best choice for intensive treatments, and for therapists that need a reliable, strong table to take with them on home visits. Extremely light at only 25lbs, this featherweight massage table truly redefines the word portable: unlike most tables, its top structure is made of fibres instead of wood, making it lighter than almost any other model on the market today.

This package includes a head rest and a carrying case. Easy to carry and to put away, this amazing table is equipped with a push-button system and telescoping legs, making table adjustments a breeze. Its lightweight aluminum metal frame: it will remain stable and unyielding even under extreme pressure, and it can withstand up to an impressive 450 lbs of working weight, and a breathtaking 1250lbs of static weight. Its semi-firm multilayered 2.5" foam as well as its durable and silky soft synthetic upholstery ensures clients’ comfort, and they’re easy to clean to boot. Curved endplates will allow practitioners to nest their legs under either side of the table, giving them greater access to their patients’ bodies.

  •  Aluminum table structure only 25lbs
  •  Durable and extremely stable, perfect for intense treatments
  • Semi-firm multilayered 2.5” foam
  • Silky soft upholstery
  • Comes with all standard accessories: face cushion, headrest, armrest and table case
  • 28”x73”( width*length, table size only)
  • Working capacity: 450lbs
  • Static weight capacity: 1250lbs




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