Special Acupuncture Needles

Special Acupuncture Needles

From lancets to press tacks, our high quality specialized needles will help you with acupuncture treatments for which regular acupuncture needles just won’t do. Seirin Pyonex press needles can be used for a multitude of ailments, including knee pain, lower back pain and tension headaches.


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Acu Relaxo™ Press Tack Needles

Press tacks are incredibly useful for stimulating acupoints, especially around the ears. Their strong adhesive means that they will stay on the skin longer, and that users don’t have to worry abou..


BD Ultra-Fine II Lancet 2 - 3 Days

BD Ultra-Fine II Lancet

BD Ultra-Fine II Lancet The Next generation of comfort Thinner Lancet for more comfort 200 Sterile Single-Use Lancets..


Choki Shoni scraping for children

This triangle-shaped needle can be used on children, stimulating acupuncture points along the meridian It also can be used as guasha tool, both edge is for scratching or stimulating Size 80mmx3..


Disposable Seven Star Needles

These small hammers are all equipped with a head that features seven needles. Each package comes with one hammer, and twelve replaceable heads. Each head is sterilized, and wrapped in an individual bl..


Hoho Shumo Shin Spring-Loaded Stimulator

This is a spring-loaded with 50 needles gentle stimulation  90 mm x 22mm  Made by Maeda Toyokichi Shouten in Japan..


Inri Shin (Medium)

Inri shin is used in gentle rubbing, scratching, dropping or peaking the dull needle tip or rounded head on acu-points or along the meridian. 75mm x 12mm Made by Maeda Toyokichi  Shouten In Jap..


Lancet Pen

Lierre’s lancet pen makes rapidly inserting needles a breeze! Simply locate the point you wish to puncture and push on the button to quietly release a lancet. Thin, small and intuitive, it fits comfor..


Shoni-Shin Set

Made by Maeda Toyokichi Shouten In Japan. This hand-crafted traditional Pediatric acupuncture tool set includes: Shoni Hoki Shoni Heragata Shoni Bachi Bari Shoni Kakib..



Used for rubbing or scratching the skin for cutaneous treatment along meridian pathways or with special techniques. All of the surface and corners may be used to provide a different stimulation. ..


Yuko Shin

Spring-loaded probe with adjustable length. 2.50"(58mm) length. Made by Maeda Toyokichi Shouten In Japan.  ..