Soap and Bath

Soap and Bath

Lierre's delightful selection of aromatic bath and soap products will tingle your senses. Treat yourself to a relaxing foaming bath, or splash a bit of linen water over your clothes, bedding or even your carpets and sofas to enjoy a lovely, comforting scent in every room of your home. Our assortment of lavender soaps will make every bath or shower a special occasion, soothing your skin and enchanting you with their gorgeous aromas. 


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Body Brush (double-sided)

This flexible body brush has two usable sides: the one with the larger nubs is better for scrubbing, while the one with the soft bristles is great for exfoliation. Durable and easy to clean and di..


Konjac Sponge 100% Natural fibers

Our all-natural konjac sponge gently exfoliates pores, making it better for sensitive skin that using a loofah, a washcloth or your hands to apply cleanser. The fibrous konjac root is a perennial plan..


Blue Perfume Soap 165g

Our signature lavender soap draws from the boundless properties of lavender essential oil. It offers an array of physical and psychological benefits: a guarantee of peace and well-being. You’ll be the..


Extravagance Soap 165 g

 Extravagance soap combines the remarkable properties of the essential oils of soothing lavender and stimulating patchouli, bringing a touch of the exotic into your daily life.  Ideal for dry or sensi..


Foaming bath 250ml

Thanks to its moisturizing formula, this bath foam softens and revitalizes the skin. Inhale the soothing scents of true lavender essential oil : you’ll love its calming, relaxing and recuperative effe..


Linen water 500 ml

Lavender linen water does not stain, deters mites and leaves your laundry subtly fragrant of a hint of lavender. Imagine your clothing, bedding and home all imbued with the irrestible scent of lavende..


The Lovers Body Soap 165g

The Lovers soap is a harmonious blend of the essential oils of lavender, orange and basil. Those combined ingredients offer regenerative and toning properties, creating a soothing effect on the body, ..