Skin Care

Skin Care

Awaken your senses with Lierre's selection of natural skin care products by Bleu Lavande and L'Herbier!

Lierre went above and beyond in trying to pick only the crème de la crème in skin care. You will adore these genuinely exquisite products, whether you use them in massage or as a part of your beauty regimen. Our selection of shea butter balms will leave your skin feeling soft and looking radiant, and our divinely rich choco-mint cream and mask is sure-fire cure for dull looking skin - and for the midweek blues! Both our anticellulite and skinbrush kits are at the cutting edge of innovative skincare, making your skin looking firmer and giving it a healthy glow. 


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Masso Face Cream

This soft and sensual daily cream is a perfect way to greet the day and to end the evening. Made using only the best herbal ingredients, this rejuvenating cream will soften and nourish your skin,givin..


Masso Foot Cream

Do you work on your feet all day? Do you come home tired, tense, or just sore? We carry a lot more tension in our feet then we realize -- a good massage can do you so much good!This cream offers a..


Mini Facial Brush

This facial brush is a cute and practical part of a daily skincare routine. It deep cleans your pores and exfoliates, leaving your face fresh, smooth, and glowing. Thin, soft silicone bristles gently ..


Oceania Balm 100g

This remarkably soft balm is made of organic vegetable oils including soybean oil, organic palm tree butter, dry rice oil and antioxidants such as vitamin E. A blend of wild seaweed from Canada and pu..


Organic Floral Water Trio

Discover the routine for a nourished, hydrated and soft skin in winter's extreme weather. This product works on all ages and all skin types.This value pack has a value of $32.97! This value pa..


Original Wood Vinegar Foot Patches

Red: Original- Natural power of wood vinegar to help with relaxing.Green: Peppermint and rosemary- Besides wood vinegar extract, contains peppermint and rosemary extract to help with muscle and j..


Peppermint Foot Patch

Red: Original- Natural power of wood vinegar to help with relaxing. Available at LierreGreen: Peppermint and rosemary- Besides wood vinegar extract, contains peppermint and rosemary extract to hel..


Rose Quartz Roller and Guasha set (3pcs)

A crystal face massage tools composes of: 3 Rose Quartz skincare tools: Gua Sha, Crystal Roller and Mushroom Shaped Rosebud all by Thera Crystals™  Authentic and real crystals  Ideal to..


Silicone Body Brush 2 - 3 Days

Silicone Body Brush

Body Brush used for body clean. A small and semi-hard silicone knob offers gentle massage. With body brush, you can easily remove dead cell with any uncomfortable scratching feeling.Small and ligh..


Silicone Facial Cleanser Set -15%

Silicone Facial Cleanser Set

Enhance your skin care routine with this silicone facial cleanser, and a sample set of creams, masks and lotion for a deeper, gentle cleaning. Lierre’s Silicone Facial Cleanser works using acoustic vi..

$79.00 $67.15

True Lavender Floral Water Organic, 110ml DIVINE ESSENCE

True lavender is perhaps best known for its lovely scent, and it is accordingly prized in the perfume industry. This organic extract has a complex, subtle and truly wonderful fragrance.  It is recogni..


Wild Cornflower Floral Water Organic, 110ml DIVINE ESSENCE

Wild cornflower, with its pretty blue flowers, is an opportunistic plant as it grows only at harvest time in wheat or grain fields. An unfortunate victim of herbicides, wild cornflower has become incr..