Skeleton Model with Muscles and Ligaments

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Skeleton Model with Muscles and Ligaments

Lierre Medical’s top quality life-size adult male Skeleton Model with muscles and ligaments from Lierre makes an ideal teaching and reference tool, equally appropriate for professional medical training and patient education at all levels. The model clearly shows a combination of muscular systems, insertion points, joint and ligaments, nerve paths and more. Over 600 details are numbered and shown on the model.

The model also displays connective structures, which show how tissues and bones are linked to each other: a relatively rare and valuable set of details that are present in very few comparable models.

With its fully flexible spine, this reference tool is quite simply one of the best human skeleton model for demonstrations of posture and human movements, and it can be adjusted and moved into a large variety of natural poses. This attention to detail makes it one of the most comprehensive representation of human’s physical systems available on the market.

Product information

Material Type


Number of Parts


Overall Height

180cm/ 70.87 inches


22 pounds




Left side: Full flexibility of limbs

Right: Limited flexibility of joints

Other accessories

Metal stand




Material Type: Over 600 numbered parts made of durable, unbreakable but easily cleaned plastic.

Overall height and weight: This model stands 180 cm tall (5’9”) and weighs about 10 kg (22 lbs), which is very close to the realistic weight of a human skeleton.

Details: Over 600 labeled details with hand-painted muscle origins and insertions. Numbered structures extend to muscular and nervous systems. All the labels and structures will be listed in the accompanying guide manual.

Flexibility: Easy to remove limbs with individual inserted teeth and flexible jaws.

Assembling: It is a 3-part skeleton. Only limbs need to be assembled.

Accessories: With a rolling display stand, it is never been so easy to transfer the model to different rooms or areas. The skeleton can also be removed from the stand for transportation. 

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