Silicone Makeup Brush Set


Silicone Makeup Brush Set

This Set comes with 6 different sizes of brushes for you to use in different areas of the face. They are made of safe and food-grade silicone material; non-toxic and odorless, environment friendly and non-irritant to your skin. Also great for sensible skin type. These brushes are easy to clean, no problem with hairbrush loss, do not keep bacteria, and very easy to carry around. On top of that silicone do not absorb your products, so less waste for your expensive makeup. They will also save you time to apply foundation, if you are in hurry on your way out, they also apply super smoothly and evenly, unlike beauty blenders. 

3 Small tips: eye makeup, liquid-y products for eye makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrows) 
3 larger tips: to apply foundation, concealers, or even face masks. They have different shape, so it can be worked in difficult reached areas. 

This brush set is very suitable for home living or travel. A very durable and long lasting silicone makeup brush set. This set also comes with a vinyl bag.  

Note: Keep away from sharp objects such as tweezers or brow scissors.

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