Mini Facial Brush

Facial Massage Silicone Cupping Set - Mini Facial Brush |

Mini Facial Brush

This facial brush is a cute and practical part of a daily skincare routine. It deep cleans your pores and exfoliates, leaving your face fresh, smooth, and glowing. Thin, soft silicone bristles gently massage the face without causing irritation.It has a cute shape with a finger hole on the back and fits easily and securely in your hand.  Daily or weekly (depending on your skin type) use of a facial brush has proven effective in clearing up skin issues. By removing dead skin cells clogging pores, your skin is able to gradually start producing more collagen, which eventually means tighter, firmer skin.

This brush is also great for quickly and easily removing makeup.  It can be used with or without a facial cleanser, and its small size makes it great for traveling.


Made from medical grade silicone

Size: around 65mmx55mm


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