ShinLin™ Singles Acupuncture Needles

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  • Leading Shinlin™ singles acupuncture needles with new packaging design: stronger and more durable.
  • Individually wrapped for greater convenience
  • High quality Korean style acupuncture needle made of surgical grade stainless steel
  • Spring handle will never be discolored.
  • Automatic needle point sharpening technology: consistent and high-performance needle tips
  • Painless, smooth insertion every time.
  • Each needle size can be differentiated with removable colour coded tabs 
  • 20-25mm Spring handles for easy, one movement insertion and a comfortable grip!
  • 100 needles per box
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Shinlin™ Singles acupuncture needles compares with the popular brands of acupuncture needles in the market, they are competitive both in its quality and affordability. With the same quality, price of ShinLin is 4 times lower than that of other Korean acupuncture needles in the market.


Comparable brands


Shinlin™ singles

$4.50/box (100 needles) - 4.50¢/per needle

$9.50/box (100 needles) - 9.50¢/per needle


Shinlin™ 10 bulks

10-19 boxes

$28.00/box (1000 needles) - 2.80¢/per needle

$9.50/box (100 needles) - 9.50¢/per needle


Shinlin™ 10 bulks

20 boxes more

$26.00/box (1000 needles) - 2.60¢/per needle

$9.00/box (100 needles) - 9.00¢/per needle


We recommend that practitioners who buy needles in bulk packages such as our ShinLin 10 Bulk Acupuncture Needles  always keep a box of individually wrapped needles handy, in case of treatments where for example opening two packages of ten needles would be wasteful, but opening one would be insufficient.