Shiatsu Massage Futon

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Shiatsu Massage Futon

High quality professional shiatsu massage futon fits to every location of practice: on the ground, on a table or on a bed. Thanks to its density but soft foam, the 4 sections shiatsu cushion offers both flexible and practical features.Every piece of leatherette is easily cleaned by soft soap to keep hygienic.

A free carrying case included


  • Total Length & Width: 81'' X 35''/206cmX89cm
  • Length & Width of each section:  19.68'' X 35''/50X89cm
  • Thickness: 1.96''/5cm
  • Weight: 12.67 Lbs / 5.75 kg
  • Breath hole with filler 

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  • Product Code: SC-30200
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