Saddle Stool

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Saddle Stool

These ergonomic massage stools are perfect for healthcare practitioners, aestheticians, and other professional therapists, and they're equally well adapted to work or home use. Professionals enjoy these seats because they are easily manoeuvrable and comfortable for short or long periods of time. Many people now use saddle seats in their offices or at home because of their amazing benefits to posture. In addition to improving posture, saddle seats have been proven to soothe back pain, improve balance, and reduce risk of injuring neck, shoulders, and lower back.

• Glide around the massage table quickly and easily. 

• Saddle design that reduces leg and body pressure.
• Easy one-touch pneumatic control.
• Black super-strong nylon-five star base.
• Dynamic load: 300lbs
• Seat size: 40*36 cm
• Semi-firm foam Cushion: 2.78”
• Adjustable height: 20.8”-28.7”
• Upholstery: Durable PU vinyl upholstering.

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