Round Stool with Back

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Round Stool with Back

This affordable stool allows you a greater range of movement while offering you superior comfort. With its four inches of semi-firm foam, you’ll get all the comfort and back support you need during a hard day’s work. It can be easily, quietly and fluidly adjusted in seconds. Its durable PVC vinyl upholstering is easy to clean, and will last for years. The padded back's plastic structure is rigid enough to provide lasting back support, while the cushion is mobile enough to practitioners to lean back at will.

·         Deluxe 4" Semi-firm foam system offering great comfort.

·         5 star black base.

·         1.6"/4cm Semi-foam system for the backrest.

·         Padding: 4" Semi-firm foam system for the seat pad.

·         Height range: Seat height: 18.5"~24"

·         Upholstery: Durable PVC Vinyl upholstering.

·         Dynamic Load: 300lbs

·         Net Weight: 14.5lbs



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