RJ PhysioLaser Olympic


RJ PhysioLaser Olympic

PhysioLaser Olympic is a central unit to which applicators of all kinds can connect.

  1. It has 2 outputs to operate up to 2 applicators simultaneously. This is what guided all treatments, which can be adjusted according to time, dosage as well as nearly 600 have been successfully tested in Germany.

  2. The probes (single probe) which are connected to the central unit and which are offered in several wavelengths:

    1. 510A (Single Probe 50) Power 50 mW and wavelength 785 nm

    2. 511A (Single Probe 500) 500W / 810nm Near infrared.The best choice for acupuncturists and people who want to stimulate specific sites of the body (chiro, osteo, physio)

    3. 514A Single Red Probe) 150W / 638nm Red visible.

    4. 512A (single dental probe) 200mW / 670nm Red visible. Device designed for dentists.

    5. 515A (Single Probe Pulsed) 90W / 904nm Internal joints, bones.

  3. CLUSTERS (cluster laser)

    1. 516A (Probe Pulsed Cluster) 5 X 30W / 904nm 5 far infrared diodes 30 W pulsed. The diodes are located in parallel. To stimulate deep tissue.

    2. 516C (Cluster Probe P (Focused) 5 X 30W / 904nm Focused for optimal depth effect: Deep articulation, herniated discs, bone healing, etc.

    3. 516D (Knee Probe Probe) Applicator for the popliteal fossa. 5 x 30 W / 904 nm. We have the popliteus (knee).

    4. 517D (group probe derma) 8X55mW / 785nm + 4 X 40mW / 655nm. Used to treat the superficial areas of the body and the skin, especially in aesthetic treatments.

  4. Needles of light

    1. 508 LightNeedle 600 12 X 50mW / 655nm. For the treatment of very specific points like acupuncture points. → Contains: Lightneedle unit with 12 outputs, interface wire, 12 optical fibers, support arm for optical fibers, instruction manual, carrying bag.

    2. 508A LightNeedle 300 4X50mW / 655nm + 2 X 50mw / 405nm. System for laser blood irradiation (sublingual) → Contains: Lightneedle unit with 6 outputs, sublingual applicator, optical fibers, instruction manual, carrying bag.

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