RJ LaserPen


RJ LaserPen

  • The laser output with precision optics for high illumination enables exact, pointed irradiation (auricular medicine joints)

  • LaserPen is distinguished by its mobility and very comprehensive functions. It is the ideal laser for use outside the practice such as sports medicine, physical therapy and home visits

  • The LaserPen is delivered with high-quality NiMHd rechargeable batteries.

  • The device is configured with the 70mW/785 nm, but it comes with other wavelengths and power range:  

  1. 131 LaserPen Expert 70 (70mW / 785nm) -70mW Cordless IR Battery powered by a battery

  2. 132 LaserPen Expert 200 (200mW / 810nm) -200mW wireless IR laser powered by a battery. Ideal for all laser practitioners including acupuncturists.

  3. 134 LaserPen Expert 500 (500mw / 810nm) -500mW wireless IR laser powered by a battery. Optimum power for laser therapy including acupuncture.

  4. 135 LaserPen Expert Pulsed (40W / 904nm). -Pulsed laser that can treat deep tissue.


For all LaserPen:

Included: Central unit, Point applicator (default: 4mm quartz), Charging unit, Safety glasses, Warning sign, Operating manual, Security lock, Carry case.

For more information, please contact us at info@lierre.ca

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