Red Agathe Tumbled Stones

Red Agathe Tumbled Stones

Agate is category of minerals that holds many varieties almost infinite. Including turquoise, blue, white, and red agate. The different varieties are used in a variation of practices. Most agates are known to vibrate at a lower intensity than other stones, yet they are  nonetheless believed to be potent metaphysical portals for stability against other stones. Blue agate is very popular and used in the alignment of the fifth chakra, the throat. The lighter the blue the more clarity and ease of expression will be attracted.

Tumbled stones are stones such as minerals and crystals that have been surface treated, which gives them their smooth appearance and texture. They are often treated manually and/or by machinery. These stones are often used for decoration, jewelry, and notably in healing practices. The tumbled characteristic of the stone differentiates it from crystals and minerals in their natural form.

Size available: 1.5-2 cm 

These are unique on its own, they can vary slightly in size and colors. 

Price: $2.50 / pc 

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