Purifying Crystal Healing Bracelet

Purifying Crystal Healing Bracelet

  • Amethyst is especially powerful at transmuting and purifying energy. Creative uses of this mineral is often seen in jewelry. 

  • Clear Quartz are strong amplifiers of energy, and is often used to purify energy. It will clear your minds, and be strong headed person. 

  • This is a healing crystal bracelet that will help you to align your vision and to have clear ideas. In the bracelet from, carry it around with you as companion and a reminder of the clarity of mind in times of blurred ideas and confusion. 

  • This Bracelet is made of a combination of big beads of amethyst, small beads of crystal quartz, and decorated with gold. 

  • Both made of Authentic and Real Crystals 

  • Unique crystals, so that it may differ from size and colors from another, and comes in a standard size. 

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  • $25.00