Pump N Cup Set of 5

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Pump 'N Cup Set of 5

Quick and easy: just squeeze the bulb to create suction!

Pump N Cup is a glass cup with a rubber bulb. This cup is designed to be easy to use either at home or at a clinic. Simply squeeze the bulb to create suction, and put the cup on selected area. The sheer quality of the Pump N Cup system distinguishes it from comparable products: they have smooth, extra thick edges to increase the clients’ comfort during the cupping treatment; soft and durable rubber bulbs to facilitate anti-aging treatments; and individual packages for each cup to avoid damage during storage.In order to create a more suction, you can use cream, lotion, or water on the edge of cups. Autoclave sterilization is possible once the rubber bulb is removed. Alcohol is also recommended to use in sterilization.

 This set includes one glass cup of each of the following sizes:

#1 inner diameter: 1.5cm

#2 inner diameter: 2.5cm

#3 inner diameter: 3.5cm

#4 inner diameter: 4.5cm

#5 inner diameter: 5.0cm

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