Pu erh tea 5 years

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Pu erh tea 5 years

Brewed for over sixteen centuries in the Yunnan province, Pu erh tea ages like wine: though its taste varies considerably depending on age, quality and its fermentation process, perhaps the word which describes it best is character. Longtime fans of this type of tea will seek out particular teas that have been fermented for decades, and note with pleasure the infinite variations of its bouquet. Though pu-erh does not quite have the same following in the West as it does in China, it is increasingly sought after due to its digestive and circulatory health benefits.

Mellow and rich, this particular brew can serve as an excellent – and affordable! – introduction to pu-erh. Savour this dark, fermented tea, and pay close attention to its depth and variations: you might just become a lifelong pu-erh drinker! This tea can be steeped and enjoyed several times

Preparation suggestions:

2 grams for 100ml of water at 95°C; rinsing first infusion, then infusing 3-4 minutes; renewal for 3 infusions.



Pu erh region, Yun Nan Province, China

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