Plastic Cups

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Plastic Cups

Traditional Chinese  plastic cups are now sold individually, so you can create a set based on your specific needs or replace part of an existing set. If you want to create your own cupping set, please note that you may also need a pump gun and a connecting tubes.

Top quality plastic cupping, safe and easy to use.

Six sizes available:

#6 inner diameter: 6.5cm (2.57”)

#5 inner diameter: 6.0cm (2.37”)

#4 inner diameter: 5.0cm (1.98”)

#3 inner diameter: 4.5cm (1.78”)

#2 inner diameter: 3.5cm (1.38”)

#1 inner diameter: 2.5cm (0.99”)

These cups can only be used with a cupping hand pump. Please note that pumps are sold separately.

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