Plaster for Bruise & Analgesic

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Plaster for Bruise & Analgesic

This plaster is used for temporary relief of pain from bruises, sprains, arthritic and rheumatic pain.
Herbal material is on a sticky plaster; safe and easy to adhere to skin.

No more than 3-4 times per day.

    Helps relieve muscle aches & pains
    Helps relieve back pain, arthritis, sprains, strains & bruises
    Helps relieve neck & shoulder pain
    Helps relieve the pain of torn or pulled muscles where there is swelling, heat, and inflammation
    Very effective in relieving pain of chronic tendonitis that is exacerbated by heat

Do not use this product:

    During pregnancy
    If you are allergic to Salicylates or if you are taking anticoagulant medications (ie Warfarin).
    External use only for adults and children 12 years old or over
    Avoid contact with eyes.

in cans of one roll (10x200) cm

Medicinal IngredientsMethyl Salicylate 8.32% w/w 1-Menthol 15% w/w
Non-medicinal Ingredients Plaster rubber

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