Pig Acupuncture Model

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Pig Acupuncture Model

Acupuncture treatments for livestock are a great way to make sure that your animals remain in great physical condition, while also ensuring that they are not exposed to too many chemicals.

Our plastic pig model is mounted on a wooden base. Clearly showing bones, muscles and tissues, the model also illustrates 55 numbered acupuncture points and includes an instruction manual for point location and treatment recommendations.

  • Plastic pig model mounted on a wooden base. 
  • One side of the model shows 55 numbered acupuncture points, often used on the animal’s head, neck, buttock, tail and limbs, and the other side shows the muscles, bone and tissue.
  • Used as reference for veterinarians.
  • Includes a manual for point locations and recommended treatments. 
  • Model size: 9"X5" (23X10.3cm)

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