Peach and Safflower Tonic Pill

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Peach and Safflower Tonic Pill

Traditional Chinese Medicine to tonify, replenish and nourish the blood to provide relief for symptoms related to blood deficiency and blood stagnation (stasis) such as : dizziness, fatigue, tinnitus (ear ringing). pallid complexion, chest pain and headaches.

Direction (Adult): Orally, 12 Pills per time, 3 Times daily

200 Pills

IngredientsProper Name : Angelica Sinensis 46.43mgCarthamus Tinctorius 8.93mgLigusticum Chuanxiong 8.93mgPaeonia lactiflora 17.86mgPrunus Persica 75mgRehmannia Glutinosa 17.86mgNon Medicinal IngredientsIngédients Non Médicinaux: Talc Powder/ Poudre De talc; Insect Wax/ Cire D’insecte

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