Olympia Kinesiology Tapes 4 rolls

  • Olympia Kinesiology Tapes 4 rolls
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  • Olympia Kinesiology Tape is Top grade acrylic adhesive
  • Can be left on skin for up to three to five days.
  • Consistent performance and latex free
  • Meeting ISO standards on cytotoxicity, sensitization, skin irritation, and haemolytic problems.
  • Superb water and sweat resistance.
  • Optimized elasticity compatible with skin flexibility.
  • 100% retractability after stretching ensuring muscle recovery
  • Packaging can be used as dispenser
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It is better to seek advice from a trained physiotherapist to know the techniques for applying kinesio tape. It will maximize the benefits of the tape.


  1. Remove excessive hair. Clean Skin with soap and water or rubbing alcohol and ensure your skin is dry and without any lotions, liniments or other products.
  2. Cutting enough tape you need from the roll and ensure every corner is round when cutting. This is to prevent edges peeling from skin easily, Do not touch adhesive side of the tape after removing the backing of the tape
  3. Apply tape at appropriate parts of the body. Kinesinology tape does not stick to other tape. Two anchor end points must be in contact with skin. 
  4. Wait at least 1 hour before wet or sweaty activities. Dry tape after exercising or showering by pat kinesio tape gently with a dry towel or tissue.

Caution: If any allergic reactions happen, stop using and see the doctor.
Size: 5cm wide x 5m long roll, one roll/box