Oceania Balm 30g

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Oceania Balm 30g

This remarkably soft balm is made of organic vegetable oils including soybean oil, organic palm tree butter, dry rice oil and antioxidants such as vitamin E. A blend of wild seaweed from Canada and pure essential oils of Marjory and Lavender, this massage balm is popular is popular for a revitalizing massage that will provide a sensation of well-being and contribute to the beauty of your silhouette: this balm works against cellulite, and firms up the skin.

  • anti-stress
  • softens and firms up skin


Approximate quantities determined for an average height individual during the summer. For the back: 5 ml; for the legs: 5 ml; for the arms and the neck: 5 ml; full body: 15 ml.

Warm the balm in your hands before using. Apply the balm gradually, without pressure, until it has completely penetrated the entire area to be massaged. Once the balm has been properly applied, massage with both hands, from top to bottom without neglecting the sides of the body and going up towards the shoulders and neck. Massage the feet, the ankles and the thighs in light circular motions.

For optimum results, also use our Acadian Wild Seaweed Soap on a daily basis and take a seaweed bath once a week.


This balm is not recommended in case of iodine allergy, severe circulatory problems (varicose veins, phlebitis, etc.), thyroid imbalance or if pregnant.

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