Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai

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Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai

Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai

The dark, rich and evocative flavor of this chai blend was inspired by the work of famous American playwright Tennessee Williams, perhaps one of the writers who was best able to capture the gorgeous bleakness of the night, the secret passions of the soul and the delicate power of memory. This blend, in turn, is as complex and deep as his plays: hints of white chocolate, ginger and cinnamon add a certain warmth to this tea, while tones of coriander, cloves, cardamom and sunflower petals will tingle your senses and transport you to the hottest nights of summer. Steep this tea and curl up with a good book, or take a moment to breathe and look at the stars!


Black tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, White Chocolate pieces, Black + White pepper, Clove, Nutmeg, Natural flavors.

Preparation suggestions:

1 heaping teaspoon of tea per cup; steeping 5-10 minutes in boiling water; add sugar or milk to taste.



Travencore in India, Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka 

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