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Thera Crystals™ Clear Quartz Facial Roller New

Thera Crystals™ Clear Quartz Facial Roller

The Thera Crystals™ Clear Quartz Facial Roller can be used to enhance the overall health of your face. Clear quartz is known to clarify, restoring and strengthening the balance of the face. The Thera ..


MassOléum Premium Massage Oil

Massoleum Premium oil is a neutral massage oil designed to regain the love of oils in massage and body care. For all skin types: normal, dry, dehydrated, eczema, psoriasis, scaly Evol..


Amethyst Incense Gift Set by Shoyeido

The Amethyst Incense is one of the most loved incense from Shoyeido. It’s a blend of sandalwood, cinnamon and saussurea (a fragrant thistle in the daisy family) gives a silky combination. Amethyst..


Aromatherapy Diffuser Rose Quartz Pendant New

Aromatherapy Diffuser Rose Quartz Pendant

The combination between crystal and essential oil is interesting because as one treats energy balance, the other improves overall health. The aromatherapy diffuser rose quartz pendant is beautifully w..


Clear Quartz Tree of Life Pendant

​​​​​​The Tree of Life Pendant is a wonderful gift of abundance, gift it to yourself or to those you love and whant to see succeed  The tree of life pendant is known to have powerful attribut..


Curved Foundation Brush New

Curved Foundation Brush

For anyone who tried to find the perfect foundation brush that can make your makeup look flawless, natural and that takes 2 minutes to apply, this is the perfect alternative for you.Curved desi..


Disposable Compressed Towel

Compressed towels that become enlarged when in contact with water  Ideal for emergencies, outdoor activities and travelling  Can now wipe your face with a clean towel every time ..


Eternal Treasure Incense Gift Set by Shoyeido

The formulation of the Incense Eternal Treasure, date from 100 years old, based on an even older recipe, and one of the most best seller fragrances from Shoyeido. It’s a blend of sandalwood, cinnamon ..


First Aid Finger Covers

Finger covers protect cuts, burns and blisters from moisture and dirt  Ideal for hard to bandage fingertips  For additional protection, a finger cover may be worn over a light bandage  Size: ..


Fluorite Crystal Point for Acupressure

Crystals have always been part of the human life, in different cultures, and different religions. They has been used in a spirituous way as well. Fluorite is known for its protective and stabilizi..


Gemstone Locket Pendant (3pcs)

Made of Stainless Steel, very durable, and easily interchangeable.  Comes in a variety of choice of design: Everlasting Tree, Wintery Reindeer and Butterfly Can also choose your ..


Makeup Brush Set with Natural Bristles  (8pcs) New

Makeup Brush Set with Natural Bristles (8pcs)

The Makeup Brush Set with Natural Bristles of 8 pieces is a complete set that any beauty needs to have at home. Includes any types of brush for eyes, face, cheeks  Complete set of 8 brushes: ..


MassOléum Classic Extra Glide Oil

The classic oil glide Plus is a fluid formula and offers excellent long-term glide. All skin types Excellent glide: fluid (++++) Classic oil makes the skin easier Simp..


MassOléum Classic MassOgel

MassOgel Classic is an excellent working tool. All skin types Glide well: Silky and satin (+++) Economical product: it is enough to offer a professional care Non-greas..


MassOléum Neutral MassOcrème

The Neutral MassOcrème is a gentle massage cream.For all skin types Evolutionary glide: silky and non-greasy (+++) For the face, ends, and good for a hand cream, with a feeling of softness ..


MassOléum Premium Massage Gel

Massage gel completely natural and vegetal. For many skin types: Normal, dry, dehydrated, eczema, psoriasis, scaly Glide well: silky. Satin and non-greasy Ideal for small dry ..


Moss Garden Incense Gift Set by Shoyeido

The Moss Garden is one of Shoyeido’s oldest and most-loved incense recipes. It’s a combination of sandalwood, delicate herbs and fragrant resins and they carefully blended to evoke a peaceful mood. It..


Natural Incense Assortment by Shoyeido

This bright new package contains one stick each of all eight best selling Daily Incense Blends. This package is ideal to discover new favorites when you sample a variety of Shoyeido’s most popular inc..


Negative Ion Silicone Cupping set 4pcs

Negative Ion Silicone Cupping Set is perfect for self-care and can be used on bony areas such as elbows, ankles, wrists, and even arch of the foot.There are 6 mineral pieces around the exterior of..


Paw Pattern Silicone Cupping Set

Silicone cupping with paw pattern with cute design: children would not feel it is a cupping therapy treatment  Static Care: This set is the best for post injuries due to sport, and to tr..