Neutral Balm 3L

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Neutral Balm 3L

This scentless balm is perfect for clients who are sensitive to smells, or as a base for a personalized massage balm. L’Herbier’s selection of therapeutic massage balms is made from organic, natural ingredients, locally sourced beeswax and a soft blend of top quality vegetal dry oils, such as olive, soybean and dry rice oils. Combined, they create an exceptionally smooth, grain-less texture that melts evenly and quickly in your hands. It penetrates the skin deeply and offers excellent glide, leaving the skin soft, radiant and regenerated. The balm’s even texture makes it easy to combine uniformly with essential oils, which can be a difficult task with lower quality products. Though fantastic in a massage, it can also double as a great daily moisturizer.

  • Silky, even texture
  • Deeply moisturises dry, rough or cracked skin
  • Excellent neutral base for essential oils
  • Ideal for clients sensitive to scents


Approximate quantities determined for an average height individual during the summer. For the back: 5 ml; for the legs: 5 ml; for the arms and the neck: 5 ml; full body: 15 ml.

Warm the balm in your hands before using. Apply the balm gradually, without pressure, until it has completely penetrated the entire area to be massaged. Once the balm has been properly applied, massage with both hands, from top to bottom without neglecting the sides of the body and going up towards the shoulders and neck. Massage the feet, the ankles and the thighs in light circular motions.

Essential oils may be added directly in the palm of the hands or in a container destined for this use. It may be melted in the microwave or on a stovetop. Personalise the balm with an oil blend of your choosing. Pour, then let cool.

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