Negative Ion Silicone Cupping set 4pcs

Negative Ion Silicone Cupping set 4pcs

Negative Ion Silicone Cupping Set is perfect for self-care and can be used on bony areas such as elbows, ankles, wrists, and even arch of the foot.

There are 6 mineral pieces around the exterior of the Negative Ion Silicone Cupping Set, which will emit negative ions. This set works better than regulary cupping set for stationary cupping therapy to reduce any swelling or inflammation, chronic pain, improve sleep, relieve mental stress, and more.

Although this Negative Ion Silicone Cupping set is lighter and smaller than most of our silicone cupping sets, it creates enough suction for cupping therapy

  • Negative Ion Silicone Cupping with innovative design: This model is totally different from the others, and is also closely related to the real traditional cupping; glass
  • Static Care: Ideal to stay at one place/area

  • Release Toxins: Helps to draw the blood, and lymphatic drainage to have a better circulation 

  • Inflammation: These cupping set will help you reduce inflammation, fatigue, stress, and to improve sleep 

  • Set: This come in a set of 4 

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